Realimager3R™ - Product Description

Realimager3R™ is a non-invasive means for viewing and recording heat patterns generated by the human body. Realimager3R offers an advanced 3-dimensional infra-red visualization of the recorded signals.

This proprietary 3D-IR model supports the specialist in advanced analysis of heat source characteristics.

Product Features

  • Image Acquisition system
    • Generation of a 3D infra-red model of a region of interest (ROI) within the field of view
    • Safe and friendly design of patient environment and operator console

  • Radiologist's workstation
    • Patients list with current and previous imaging sessions
    • 3D-IR image for further investigation by the specialist

RI3RProduct specifications

  • Spatial resolution <2mm
  • IR resolution <70mk

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for patients of any adult age
  • Safe - Radiation and complication free
  • Painless - No manipulation or contact with the imaged body part
  • Friendly - Quick procedure with immediate digital visualization of the processed signals

Realimager3R™ - Not available for sale in the US

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