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MIRA™ Technology

Real Imaging's revolutionary technology - MIRA™ (Metabolic Imaging and Risk Assessment) - performs a 3D functional metabolic imaging of the breast. The data, a series of imaging biomarkers, is analyzed utilizing a wide range of sophisticated proprietary methods and algorithms. The result is an objective, computer generated, assessment of the health status of the breast, without the need for human interpretation

MIRA™ technology is intended to provide a non-invasive non-radiation, and examinee-friendly procedure to determine breast health through the acquisition and analysis of 3D imaging biomarkers. Following a short screening procedure, the 3D MIRA™ results are immediately available and presented as a non-subjective report to the examiner and the patient.

Real Imaging's MIRA™ system has the potential to deliver an effective and economical method that will enable clinical screening that is not limited by a woman's age, breast density or breast shape. Screening can be performed as often as needed without the risk of radiation.

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