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MIRA utilizes dual-head proprietary Structured Light Projection Infrared imaging technology to construct 3-D vascular maps of the breasts.

Blood vessels are an essential part of solid cancers as they supply oxygen and nutrients. New vessels are also formed during cancer progression, a process that can further allow cancer growth and expansion. Therefore, assessment of cancer vascularity might provide information to characterize underlying malignancy. In the past decade, several studies have demonstrated the association between breast cancer and vascularity using contrast-enhanced MRI.

The MIRA technology can assess breast vascularity for likelihood of malignancy. The assessment is based on sophisticated multi-desciplinary machine learning technology, that provides the physician a Risk Assessment Score. The Risk Assessment Score has been clinically validated in a population of women with histology confirmed breast cancer.

For further information, check out our recent clinical publications:

1. Sklair-Levy, M. et al.Prospective Evaluation of 3D Functional Infrared Breast Imaging: Longitudinal Follow- Up of Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer and Association with Known Cancer Imaging Biomarkers (Submitted for Publication)

2. Hellgren RJ, Sundbom AE, Czene K, Izhaky D, Hall P, Dickman PW. Does three-dimensional functional infrared imaging improve breast cancer detection
based on digital mammography in women with dense breasts?
Eur Radiol. 2019 May 21. doi: 10.1007/s00330-019-06248-y.

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