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RUTH - Product Description

RUTH is a game-changing device for the detection of breast cancer. Based on MIRA™ (3D functional Metabolic Imaging & Risk Assessment) technology, RUTH offers a comprehensive solution to unmet challenges in breast cancer detection.

MIRA™ is a revolutionary technology, based on proprietary signal acquisition method and advanced processing algorithms, enabling functional quantitative analysis of 3D and infra-red signals emitted from cancerous, benign or normal physiological processes.

Product Features

  • Image Acquisition system
    • Generation of a MIRA™ Model(3D functional Metabolic Imaging & Risk Assessment) of a patient's breast
    • Dual 'optic head' for simultaneous panoramic view of patient's breasts and axillary tails
    • Ergonomic design of patient environment and operator console

  • Radiologist's workstation
    • Exam results - Non subjective presentation of findings
    • Further investigation module - Processed material supporting exam result for further investigation and consideration

Product Benefits

  • Early detection
  • Suitable for women of any age
  • Safe - Radiation and complication free
  • Painless - No manipulation or contact with the breast
  • Friendly - Quick procedure with quick results


The entire procedure takes only a few minutes and the results are available for further examination by the physician.

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